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Buy generic drugs online and save a small fortune!

The most popular drugs used to get rid of unwanted symptoms of erectile dysfunction are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. However, not every man can afford to buy brand drugs due to the fact that if you have sexual problems it means that you get such drugs on the regular basis and the price of original drugs is always expensive. That’s why to provide all men with the chance to improve their sexual relations at a reasonable price, generics of all popular ED drugs have been produced.

What are generics?

First of all, let’s define what the generic drug is. This is an exact copy of the original product, manufactured according to the same formula developed by the manufacturer company. But the producing company can be any other pharmaceutical company, which has no relation to the development of the original drug, and therefore to the high costs of it. Since the cost of them is lower, then the price for them is several times less than the original one. Thus generics are available to most men who need them.

Order generic of Levitra or Viagra, which cost is several times lower with great convenience. Their sale does not require a prescription from the doctor. And you can buy them online right from the comfort of your home. It takes only a few minutes to process your order. Moreover, no curious customers will be around, which is one of the main benefits of making purchases online. Everything will take place in full confidentiality. But these advantages are not limited. Online pharmacies with perfect reputation work only with large pharmaceutical companies, which names are famous at the market of ED drugs.

If you order drugs from a well-known company with a worldwide reputation, where the production technologies are well-established, where the excellent material base and the up-to-date equipment is, where the qualified specialists work and its products have proved themselves all over the world as high-quality, efficient and safe, you can be absolutely free from worries about your health.

Only with such manufacturers famous online pharmacies cooperate. Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd., Delta Enterprises, Combitic Global are just some of famous producers.

About dosages and use of generics

The variety of dosages is another advantage of analogues before the originals. Of course, you will agree that it is much more convenient to purchase a medicine with the right amount of active substance than to divide the tablet into parts. Moreover, it is absolutely impossible to do this absolutely exactly. Tablets of analogs contain 10.20, 40 and 60 mg of Vardenafil if you buy generics of Levitra, for example. You can choose the optimal dose for yourself. If you just need to maintain an excellent sexual form or insure against failure, then get 10 mg of the active substance. The most commonly used dose for severe erectile dysfunction is 20 mg. 40 and 60 mg are elevated doses intended for particularly serious disorders. As for Viagra generics and analogs of Cialis, they are also available in various forms and doses.

The diversity of generics forms

The variety of forms gives an excellent opportunity to choose according to your desires and preferences. Who prefers the old proven way to swallow a pill and who is not in a hurry to get the desired effect, can take tablets with the right amount of Vardenafil. Order, for example, generic Levitra Vardena Professional 20 mg or Lovevitra-20. The effect of their reception appears within 30 minutes. 20 mg is what you need to get the best action.

For a quicker action, you can use capsules with a liquid active substance, for example, Volkeno-20. A liquid is a form already ready for absorption. Its effect manifests itself in about 10-15 minutes.

Levitra Generic has the form of gel. In addition to the quick action you will be able to enjoy extra pleasure with such generics as Zhewitra-20 Oral Jelly or Soft ZhewitraSoft-20 chewing tablets. Both forms have several very pleasant tastes, are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream right in the mouth and begin to act for only 10-15 minutes. The gel can be taken in the mouth from sachet packaging or dissolved in a non-alcoholic beverage, except for grapefruit juice (they are incompatible). The form of the soft generic should be simply chewed. Generics have more pleasant taste than Brand drugs for ED.

If you want to get a more powerful effect from the drug, then give preference to double-action tablets like Super Zhewitra. Double action is the result of the fact that the agent contains two active substances: Vardenafil and Dapoxetine. Under their influence, your erection will become even more powerful, and the sexual act will last longer. The same characteristics are inherent to the gel of Cialis generic Tadalafil Oral Jelly. Pleasant tastes, easy reception (from sachet or dissolve in a drink), speed – 10-15 minutes will help you enjoy the process of using generics for strong erection. Receiving jelly and pills that don’t require being washed with water is the fastest way to get the desired effect. Why? Because they are absorbed into the blood directly in the mouth, into the smallest blood capillaries.

Why it is necessary to make a choice in favor of a generic?

The obvious answer to this simple question is: “The generic is cheaper than the original drug.” Due to what is such a significant price reduction? It’s simple. Producing a generic, the company does not incur losses associated with research and development of new drugs. It does not need to be engaged in advertising activities promoting the medical product on the market of medicines. In addition, tough competition between generic manufacturers does not allow setting high prices for their product.

The effectiveness of generics – myth or reality? The answer to this question cannot be twofold. Of course, the effectiveness of the generic drug completely corresponds to the effectiveness of the original drug. When selling a generic, the online pharmacy must have permission to distribute this medicine on the territory of the country in which it operates. Generic Viagra as well as other drugs’ manufactures tested products with all the relevant quality certificates.

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